Bug in pivot table creation from aquascript

by Feb 27, 2012

Hey Guys, i have an aquascript that creates a pivot table with grand totals. I had been having a problem in ADStudio where the last column of data would be titled the grand total column, and then no real total would be produced on the end. Updating to 10.0.7 resolved the issue on ADStudio, but I still get the same behavior from ADServer after updating to 1.0.2. I'm not sure when that got fixed in ADStudio, but can you guys see if the fix can be rolled up into ADServer?

Attached are two snapshots of the same data to illustrate what i'm talking about. The screen shot with four data columns and a true grand total column was generated in Studio 10.0.7. The other one came from the ADServer at 1.0.2. Both were generated from the same aquascript.

Thanks for your help!