Built-in functionality to update SQLdm following password changes

by Dec 7, 2021

After we changed the password for the service account we use for SQLdm, the account kept getting locked every 30 minutes – by the app supplying an incorrect (old) password.

Idera Technical Support confirmed there is no built-in functionality / utility to update the app as required following password changes.


To resolve this, we found we had to:

– log a Case with Idera Support to get access to a download and instructions

– download an encryption utility

– encrypt the new password 2 different ways

– apply these encrypted values in 3 different places

– (and shorten the password to 14 chars)

This is not exactly slick, and is likely to discourage password changes. But as with most monitoring tools, these accounts want a high level of access – so password maintenance should not be made difficult.


SQLdm should include built-in, documented functionality to allow any stored passwords to be updated as needed. Ideally this might sit in the Console, but a separate maintenance utility on the "app" server would also be better than what we have now.

Thank you 🙂