Can not install Diagnostic Manager Console

by Mar 21, 2016

Hi everybody

I have tried several times to install the Diagnostic Manager Console only (lastest version downloaded today 2016-03-21). I have tried on two differenct Pc’s without success and the same result. The installer runs quite a while, but suddenly finishes and the Progress bar kind of rolles back. I get the Idera SQL diagnostic manager (x64).msi file and as I click it I get the welcome screen. I click Next. I accept the terms and the license agreement. I click Next. I accept the proposed location for installation, and that anyone WHO uses this computer can use the application. And I click next. On the next screen I accept the proposed “Console Only” installation and click next. On the next screen I click the Install button. I get the user rights screen and then after some seconds the installation starts. But ends telling me: “The wizard was interrupted before Idera SQL diagnostic manager (x64) could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup Again. Click Finish to exit the wizard.”

Please, does anyone have suggestions on what to do?

System information: Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit running on WM Ware Workstation 11.1.0 build -2496824. I have local admin rights. I have looked in the event log without finding any errors relating to the failed installation. I have tried on anothe PC running Windows 7. Same error.