Change Credential for IderaDashboard after installation

by Nov 1, 2016

I have client that uses Idera SQL DM. When I got involved the dashboard and web console were not functioning, which I was able to get that fixed simply by updating it to the current version. The update never got run against the dashboard when they updated the SQLDM side.

Anyway, what I've found is the dashboard has a credential of admin/admin which is not a valid credential.

I can find under the config file for the core service there is a node for the "ServiceAdminAccount", that matches the "admin" showing for the product (C:Program FilesIderaDashboardCoreServiceIderaDashboardCoreService.exe.config). I am unable to find any instruction or solution for updating this credential. It seems it is something that should have been handled during installation, but that has past.

Is there any way to update this without reinstalling?