Check Interval On Service Monitors Existing And Prebuilt

by Apr 14, 2010

I am having a real issue with check interval being no less than 1 minute. The customer service monitors I have set up need to be checked about every 3 seconds otherwise they are worthless. Also, the check interval period on the MYSQL Advanced monitoring is worthless to me as it checks every minute and the MYsql SLOW QUERY log is not being looked at rather it is looking directly at the database “SHOW STATUS” which never picks up a slow query as they go by too quickly in my system and the chances of it picking up in the 1 minutes time frame are less than optimal. I am getting errors that my site is down from the Radware load balancer yet the Uptimesoftware never sees the errors due to the fact that it is fixed and working again within 30 seconds of the error.

Any idea how quickly we can see a “SECONDS” field instead of “MINUTES” in the CHECK INTERVAL? This will help my 99.99999 % Uptime TREMENDOUSLY!