Choosing The Right Database Tool for Database Administrators

by Jul 15, 2021


Versatile database tools for database administrators (DBAs) can help streamline the workload and increase productivity. And in modern, data-driven business, versatility is key.

In any profession, the tools a practitioner uses can make a big difference in their ability to fulfill their obligations and perform up to expectations. This becomes more apparent in complex roles such as that of a DBA where multiple activities need to be successfully coordinated to ensure systems are available and perform well. 

Due to the nature of database administration, database tools that support a wide array of relational database platforms – such as Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase – are advantageous. 

The ability to access these diverse systems from a single console immediately boosts productivity and reduces the learning curve associated with using single target tools in multi-platform environments. 

A Versatile Database Tool for DBAs

DBArtisan is a versatile database tool that empowers DBAs, allowing them to work more efficiently.. It supports the Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase relational database platforms from a unified interface. 

Once connected to a database, DBArtisan provides users the ability to manage the systems and keep them secure. The tool lets DBAs view, grant, and revoke permissions or privileges across their systems and tailor access on an object-by-object basis if desired. Intelligent diagnostics help teams identify and resolve performance issues.

DBArtisan’s Migration Wizard facilitates database migration by assisting with a multi-step process that includes the selection of the data source and target. Individual object types and specific objects can be chosen to be migrated according to flexible options and users can view the progress of the procedure to ensure its success.

Providing DBAs with Analytical Capabilities

A feature that differentiates DBArtisan from competing solutions is the inclusion of three analyst packs as part of the base product. The packs provide DBAs with analytical capabilities that can be used to address current issues or proactively plan for future growth. They go far beyond the basic functionality required to manage databases and furnish tools with which a DBA can ensure their systems have the resources necessary for optimal performance. 

Here are the details on what these analyst packs supply to a database team:

Space Analyst

Databases need to have adequate space provisioned to ensure availability and performance. The Space Analyst offers diagnostic capabilities to troubleshoot performance issues resulting from poor space management. The tool helps DBAs verify that their systems are making efficient use of database storage and points out areas that need to be improved. 

Analysis reports can be generated while running DBArtisan to provide details regarding a selected tablespace. Based on the database platform being queried, different information is available for the reports. Some examples of the items that can be displayed are free space levels for databases and logs, fragmentation problems affecting tables or indexes, and space utilization issues. Selections are easily made using the interface’s drop-down menus.

Performance Analyst

Performance Analyst is a robust client-side monitor that presents a complete picture of a database’s performance. It is a lightweight tool that allows DBAs to investigate performance problems quickly and identify bottlenecks that can be addressed to improve database response time. This feature is strictly a real-time monitor that is run from within DBArtisan and does not provide 24/7 monitoring or alerting.

The Performance Analyst lets users organize performance metrics in any way they want them displayed. DBAs can drill down into the layers of database performance to isolate the issues affecting the system. Refresh intervals can be set to facilitate investigations into performance degradation so you can see changes in real-time that might be missed using cumulative statistics. Platform-specific guides help teams understand the layers of metrics available and how they relate to resolving database performance problems. 

Capacity Analyst

Ensuring a database has enough capacity to handle current and future workloads is an essential component of database administration. DBArtisan’s Capacity Analyst offers intelligent insight into the past, current, and future inner-workings of a database so proper plans can be made to provide its resource needs. The analyst runs within DBArtisan’s interface, giving DBAs everything they need in a unified console to streamline productivity.

The Capacity Analyst collects critical database storage, object, and performance metrics at scheduled intervals and provides visual analysis and reporting to identify historical trends and forecast future requirements. It stores capacity information in a repository, making the information available for trend analysis. Users can create customized collections of statistics to drive capacity analysis. 

All three analysts provide different functionality depending on which supported platform is under review.  An IDERA video is available that walks users through launching the analysts and using them efficiently to address the daily and long-term issues faced by DBAs.

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DBArtisan is part of the DB PowerStudio suite of database tools that provides DBAs and developers with the functionality to manage and tune their systems for optimal performance. 

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