Cisco Router Monitor

by Sep 11, 2007

You can use this pluggable monitor to extract statistics from any Cisco router (multiple IOSs) for CPU and Memory Utilization.

Here is the list of statistics that can be graphed and thresholded:

CPU and Memory Statistics
CPU Utilization (last 1 minute) [CPU Utilization]
CPU Utilization (last 5 minutes) [CPU Utilization]
CPU Utilization (last 5 seconds) [CPU Utilization]
Contiguous free memory(I/O – Fast) [Largest contiguous block of free memory]
Contiguous free memory(Processor) [Largest contiguous block of free memory.]
Memory free (I/O – Fast) [Total number of bytes free.]
Memory free (Processor) [Total number of bytes free.]
Memory in use (I/O – Fast) [Total number of bytes used.]
Memory in use (Processor) [Total number of bytes used.]

1) Uncompress the contents of into your uptime4/scripts directory
2) Load the ciscorouterCpuMemManifest-.xml file that is appropriate for your monitoring station
3) run: erdcloader -x scripts/ciscorouterCpuManifest.-.xml