Color preferences?

by Nov 4, 2014

Two questions about color preferences:

1. Which color setting controls the color used for the column header row in query results which have been exported to MS Excel? It is showing as a tan color, and I am reasonably sure it is picking that color up from one of the other color-related preferences I have changed within ADS but I am unsure as to which it might be?

2. Is there a way to drop all color-related preferences I have tweaked and reset them to the original defaults? I just upgraded to ADS v15 this morning and would like to go back to the defaults, rather than the settings it automatically migrated from my ADS v14 installation, if possible.




Sachin Prakash over 8 years ago
For #1, take a look at my 2 attachments — are these the colors you are seeing? We have many customizable color preferences, but I don’t think you can change these color settings.

For #2, there is no simple way to revert only your color changes. In [USER_HOME]/.datastudio directory, there is a file called which stores all preferences. The connections are stored in a separate folder called “connections”. One option you have is to backkup and delete your file. CAUTION: This will restore _all_ ADS default settings — you would lose all your customizations under File > Options.

What I’d suggest is to launch File > Options & then type “color” in the search field. You’ll see the various color attributes we support. We could post screenshots w/ the default color settings for the ones you specify.

Ron Stewart over 8 years ago
@Sachin: After looking closely at your provided screenshot and extracting the color value from a screenshot of the column headers in Excel on my own system, I believe you are correct: this is in fact the default color and it does not appear to be a color that is configurable through the ADS preferences. Knowing that I can remove the .datastudio/ file to revert settings is sufficient for now.

Thanks for the follow-up.