Coming Soon…Uptime Infrastructure Monitor version 7.8

by Jul 15, 2016

We are hard at work on the next release of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor (Uptime IM) version 7.8.

This release will include new and improved features, usability improvements and many resolved issues.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.8 Overview

-Hyper-V Support

  • Mirrors current vmWare support

  • Full coverage including

    • Discovery through Auto-discovery Wizard

    • Monitoring and Alerting

    • Dashboard and Reporting

SNMP Improvements

  • Merge Generic SNMP Monitor and Cisco Router CPU and Memory Monitor into SNMP Poller plugin

  • Add SNMP v1 support

  • Add SNMP Poller support of any elements type


Support of Server Name Identification (SNI) in HTTP / Web Services / SOAP monitor

-Discovery Wizard improvements

-Ability to configure and schedule reports that would cover only a particular time period of the day

-Database Performance Improvements

-Update Monitoring Station and database support plus update Agent platform support