Configuring Alerts – Customising alerts for specific tables

by Apr 30, 2019

Hi all,

Newbie here. I've got a question and I'm hoping someone can help.

In DM I've configured my required thresholds with regards to table fragmentation but the issue I'm getting is lots of warnings and critical alerts about small-fry tables in tiny databases that I don't care about.

I know I can exclude a database or table from a check but i'd much rather make the check a bit more sensible. For example, I'm not bothered if a 200k table goes to 84% fragmented but I sure am if its 2GB!

The DBA's out there will be shaking heads and thinking that weekly maint jobs should negate this and they'd be right. But what if? I don't need to be irritated by a server being marked as critical because a pos table goes 90% fragmented.

However if there is a problem and something has caused a fragmentation to a large table, I want to be told.

Thanks and TIA.