Connect to Newsfeed from laptop

by Jul 25, 2014

Newsfeed is up and running and I can connect to it from the Diagnostic Manager console running on the same host Newfeed is running on.

However if I try to use the DM console on my laptop (which connects to DM just fine), I’m unable to connect to Newsfeed and I get an error simply telling me “Newsfeed is currently unavailable” and that I should “Please check that the Newsfeed service is running and accessible by SQL diagnostic manager”

All server names in the config are set up using Hostnames that are resolvable from my laptop and a test using Telnet shows me that the ports are open to both 5166 and 5168 (in fact, there are no ports closed between my laptop and the server, but I thought I’d mention the ports were open specifically to avoid any ambiguity).

The only other thing I can thunk of is that the Console doesn’t know how to reach the Newsfeed service. Any thoughts on how I can proceed?