connection to lucene/solr database?

by Nov 4, 2014


Has anyone successfully connected ADS to a solr jdbc database?  Seems like it’s semi-relational, and maybe is something that could be supported?…/

Let me know what you think, thanks. -Joe


Jonathan Powers over 8 years ago
Hello Joe,

Although we haven’t had anyone use ADS to connect to a SOLR JDBC database, you could try using our Generic JDBC connection type to connect to it.

Here’s our page on registering a Generic JDBC connection

What you need for the Register Server Properties General Tab are:
The URL string for your driver ( You will need to consult SOLR’s documentation for how their JDBC URL should be formatted )
The JDBC driver (its name which could look something like org.somename.jdbc.solr)
The Driver Location (where the jdbc driver .jar is located)

As a guide, I’ve attached a screenshot of what this looks like using a Generic JDBC connection type using a JDBC driver for connecting to a CSV file

Let us know if this helps.