Converting a list of server names to a semicolon separated list using Word

by Feb 6, 2014

The SQL Elements Add Server Wizard allows multiple servers to be added at once by using a semicolon separated list. If you already have a list of servers in Excel or elsewhere, here’s an easy way to add the necessary semicolons. I’ll use Excel as an example:

1) Copy the column of data from Excel
2) Open Word and paste by right clicking and choosing either “Paste special” and selecting plain text, or by choosing the “Keep Text Only” option under Paste Options (depending on your version of Word)
3) Press Ctrl-H to bring up the Find and Replace dialog
4) Under find, enter the characters ^p
5) Under replace, enter ;
6) Select “replace all”

Now you should have a semicolon delimited list ready to be pasted into SQL Elements.