Correction In Enhanced Log Monitor For Solaris

by Jun 15, 2012

Hope this is the right place to post this.

For the Enhanced Log File Monitor 2.0, the path for the Solaris agent is incorrect:

// depending on the platform (Windows/Others) the command for the remote agent script will be different
$veroutput = agentcmd($agent_hostname, $agent_port, “ver”);
if (is_agent($veroutput, “windows”)) {
$cmd = “logmonitor”;
elseif (is_agent($veroutput, “solaris”)) {
$cmd = “/opt/uptimeagent/scripts/”;

The path should be /opt/uptime-agent. Right now it's missing the dash and causing it to fail. Installing the uptime 6.0.0 solaris agent using pkgadd will put it in /opt/uptime-agent. There was no customization on the install. This is also on a clean install of the 6.0.1 monitoring station and using the plugin_manager to install the plug-in. Please correct the php file to point to the right path.