COVID-19 and Tools to Support Database Professionals

by Apr 3, 2020

SQL Management Suite

Are you working in crisis mode and need some help?

Organizations are reacting to rapidly changing demands because of the current escalating crisis. These demands are straining IT systems and, in particular, databases.

Do you need to:

Manage epic performance workloads on strained resources
Prevent system overload and downtime
Prevent security breaches
Work from home


IDERA’s SQL Management Suite is a Swiss army knife that helps you manage and monitor SQL Server performance and security. SQL Management Suite helps you with performance, compliance, security, and disaster recovery by bundling IDERA’s leading SQL Server tools. With this robust solution, you can:


Monitor database availability, health, and performance
Track sensitive data access and usage
View audit and compliance information
Manage backups and disaster recovery
Identify security vulnerabilities


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