Custom Acknowledge Message

by Feb 11, 2015

I’m making a custom alert script and can’t figure out how to change the format of the “acknowledge with comment” message.  I see the acknowledge in the UPTIME_MESSAGE script variable but I would like to change the format of the comment.



I currently see something like this is UPTIME_MESSAGE:



Tony ( acknowledged the WARN status of PING-hostname (hostname) with comment: ack by tony for testing



I would prefer the comment to come in either an UPTIME_COMMENT variable or customize the acknowledgement message to something like the following so I can parse it in my alert script.






Any recommendations or suggestions?  Is the ack comment available in another variable when sent to alert scripts?  I may just need to parse UPTIME_MESSAGE with a reguluar expression and pull out the ACK_USER and ACK_COMMENT from the UPTIME_MESSAGE.