Custom Alert Trigger

by Oct 7, 2014



I was passing an SNMP error to uptime with following URL :


http ://localhost:9996/command?command=externalcheck&name=SNMPtrap_swift_saa_main&status=2&message=saaInstance%3dEMEA%5fMAIN+saaDate%3d06%2f10%2f2014+saaTime%3d14%3a20%3a00+saaPlugin%3dBSA+saaEventNumber%3d3003+saaEventSeverity%3dWarning+saaEventClass%3dOperator+saaEventName%3dInvalid+signon+attempt+saaEventDescription=Operator_test_wim1&


Everything seems to work except for the custom_1 variable.


This custom variable : custom_1=Custom1_wim

does not seem to be passed.  $custom_1$ written in the custom alert e-mail is always empty.


Is this the correct way to do ?


thank you for help,