Custom Remote Monitor On Linux = Broken?

by Sep 6, 2013

I am using up.time server 7.2 on Linux.  I have installed the Custom Remote Monitor plugin v2.1.


I’ve setup a sample service monitor, following the documentation.  I have been through the whole thing twice.  Regardless when I try to run it via the ‘Test Service Monitor’ button on the Web GUI I always get this same error:

  • Message: Failed to run script: Cannot run program “/usr/local/uptime/scripts/MonitorCustomRemote/” (in directory “scripts/MonitorCustomRemote”): error=2, No such file or directory

The script ‘’ is the one installed on the server by the plugin.  I have verified the script is there, was installed executable and has the right permissions:

# ls -al /usr/local/uptime/scripts/MonitorCustomRemote/ 

-rwxr-xr-x 1 uptime nobody 140 Nov  7  2011 /usr/local/uptime/scripts/MonitorCustomRemote/



I then looked at the script itself.  This is what I find puzzling, as the script as it is written, won’t work on any Linux system:

# cat /usr/local/uptime/scripts/MonitorCustomRemote/ 





If you know Linux at all, you know that the path separator is ‘/’ and not ”, but the script uses ”.


Further, and I know this is distro-dependent, but ‘#!/usr/bin/sh’ is not the correct location of ‘sh’ on many Linux systems. (That can easily be fixed of course.)


But the path separator.  No way, it just isn’t going to work.


So, has ANYONE out there gotten this to work on Linux, and would you please post your script, point out where I may be mistaken, or otherwise provide some assistance?


Thanks in advance,