Custom Script Windows / Uptime Workstation Linux

by Jan 23, 2009

Hi all,

we try to setup a custom script on a windows server. Our uptime workstation is on linux.
we have no problems to do custom scripts on linux or unix servers, but with windows …

on the windows box :

the windows server (running an uptime agent) is ipmail0 :

in registry, in the path (below) we put a key Verif_FS with the value (below).

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREuptime softwareup.time agentrexec_commands]
“Verif_FS”=”cscript.exe /NOLOGO “C:Program Filesuptime softwareup.time agentScriptFreeSpace.vbs””

Locally, on this server, when we launches the script, it works and return a good value (cscript.exe ….)

Our uptime monitoring workstation is a Redhat Linux

/usr/local/uptime4/scripts/agentcmd ipmail0 sysinfo => ok (the uptime agent is then working good)

but /usr/local/uptime4/scripts/agentcmd ipmail0 “rexec Verif_FS” returns ERR

please Help