Customization of monitors & advisors become more easy with the latest MONyog 4.1

by Nov 19, 2010

The highlights of this release are:

* A brand new helper function interface: We have implemented an easy-form based interface for customizing helper functions. Any customization of helper functions or user defined functions being used with earlier versions have to be migrated manually to this version. From this version and onwards a GUI-’conflict resolver’ will guide the users very similar to how it works for customized counters.

* Apply settings to all servers of a specific tag: MONyog now has an option to apply a group of settings to all the servers with a specific tag. (Please note: New servers registered later with the same tag are not considered)

* Enhanced readability of MONyog logs: MONyog logs from now on contain the server name along with error making it easy to backtrack.

* Earlier multiple alerts for same issue would be sent if the counter was alertable for more than the specified number of data collections. Now we record what alerts have already been sent and will only send once. Settings in register server page has been updated accordingly.

Minor features & fixes:

* Automatic cleaning of size zero dump files: We have automated deleting dump files of size zero (that could be left behind if MONyog was terminated abruptly).

* Added an option to change the refresh interval from the processlist page.

* Processlist-based sniffer will no longer show the query 'SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST' executed by MONyog (Note: This only applies to the processlist-based sniffer and not to the processlist page where user has configurable filtering options).

* Fixed a (SQLite) database lock resulting in failure to update Dashboards and Monitors/Advisors pages.

* When SFTP option was chosen to analyze 'MySQL general query log' and SSH was disabled, MONyog still used SFTP to analyze the logs with out throwing any error.

* Small GUI enhancement/improvements.