Customize Global Scan

by Sep 21, 2007


We are really liking Uptime and all of the customization you can do but one area is lacking. We are creating a NOC panel and the boss was hoping we could create a customized view of the “Global Scan Page”

Is it possible to create a customized page like the main “Global Scan” page but limit what columns are shown? I have been hunting and am not seeing anyway to do this but perhaps I am just missing it?

In other words we are putting the global scan on our NOC view monitor but would like to trim some of the columns that are not as useful to us.

Name Service Status Outages CPU Disk Memory
OK WARN CRIT MAINT UNKN 1hr 12hr 24hr USR SYS WIO TOT % Used % Busy Swap Used

Is there by default and we would like to have a view that only shows

Name Status CPU Disk Memory

I think such a feature would really enhance Uptime and allow various shops to create views of their environment that are specific to them.