Data Governance Trends

by Jan 2, 2015

The volume of data continues to increase and is coming from more data sources. With more data comes increased opportunity, but also increased risk of data miscomprehension and non-compliance with mandatory regulations. Every organization today has to determine how to better manage their data as a critical and strategic corporate asset. Join this session to hear about widely-reported data trends that may impact your organization and ways to improve the management of data in your enterprise. This is a video replay from the DataU online conference. 

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Francis McWilliams, Senior Solutions Architect and Manager of Partner Services, joined Embarcadero in 2012. Francis has been in the IT Industry for more 30 years. He is an architecture expert, and is responsible for supporting the sales division by communicating and demonstrating the value of the Embarcadero tools suite with particular focus on design and management solutions.