Database auditing essentials: Track who did what to which data when

by Jun 8, 2022

Stricter governmental and industry regulation coupled with the need for improving how secure the sensitive corporate data is has driven up the need to track who is accessing data in corporate databases. Organizations must be ever-vigilant to monitor data usage and protect it from unauthorized access. Each regulation places different demands on what types of data access one must monitor and audit. Ensuring compliance can be difficult, especially when you need to comply with multiple regulations. And you need to capture all relevant data access attempts while still maintaining the service levels for the performance and availability of your applications.

Watch tes educational Geek Sync webinar “Database Auditing Essentials: Tracking Who Did What to Which Data When with Craig Mullins to learn more about these issues and present the requirements for auditing data access in relational databases. Also, explore the regulations affecting the need to audit at a high level, the things that need to be audited, and the pros and cons of the various ways of accomplishing this.

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