Database Lifecycle Management 2016 Survey

by Jul 3, 2016

At IDERA, we believe data is king: how you use data, how your organizations use data, and how the world uses data. So, we set out on a journey to understand where database lifecycle management (DLM) stands in companies today. Earlier this week we released our findings of an intense market survey we completed (with the help of Unisphere Research) where we discovered that DLM is woefully underfunded despite the fact that most (if not all) organizations with DLM initiatives underway are beginning to reap significant rewards.

There were other major findings, which you can read in the entire report (complete with the data itself). If you’re a data professional, and always facing budget cuts or underfunding, we believe this report will go a long way in helping your budget creators understand why adequate investment will pave inroads to significant payback in data confidence, data availability, systems uptime, and faster application delivery.

We’re also interested to hear your personal DLM stories. Use the comments to tell us your funding frustrations, misalignment with management, or even some unique or significant business benefits from your own DLM efforts.

Download the full report here.