DB2 – ISeries – Display Field Properties in Query Builder

by Nov 4, 2016

I am using Aqua Data Studios version 18.0.2. I have a DB2 – ISeries connection. Is there a way to display the Field Properties and attributes for the tables? I’ve included a picture showing what table WOMHIPF looks like in the query builder and an example of another program that I am using that show these properties. For example, the first field is called WONROV but there is no explanation what that means.


Sachin Prakash over 6 years ago

This is not currently supported. I’ve logged an enhancement request for this to be considered for a future release:


Billy Rowe over 6 years ago
Try this sql:

select lower( table_name ) as “table”,
ordinal_position as “pos”, lower( column_name ) as “column_name”,
lower( data_type ) as “data_type”, length as “length”,
numeric_scale as “numeric_scale”, column_text as “text”
from qsys2.syscolumns
where lower( table_schema ) = ‘testdata’
and lower( table_name ) in( ‘table1’, ‘table2’ )
— and lower( column_name ) like ‘%item%’
order by table_name, ordinal_position/