DB2 default schema

by Sep 28, 2012

With the DB2Driver I can change the default schema to be used with the connection parameter "currentSchema". However when I open a Query Analyzer, this schema isn't reflected in the schema combobox. The entry selected seems to be the username. For this reason also code completion doesn't work when I select on tables without specifying a schema, because code completion looks for this table in the schema selected in the combobox, although the table is in the schema specified with "currentSchema".

Maybe when opening the Query Analyzer you could execute "select current schema from sysibm.sysdummy1" and set this value in the combobox to always be on the safe side.

I'm using ADS 11.0.10 to connect to DB2 LUW 9.1.


Sorry to add this here, but I can't add a comment after I added a file (?)
Unfortunately this patch doesn't solve the problem, but it changes something 😉
In the attached screenshot you can see two things: 1) server registration dialog with parameters, 2) "fresh" Query Analyzer with result of current schema query. Before the patch the schema combobox showed "db2was" (the user with which I'm connecting), now it seems to select the first available entry.