DBArtisan Tips and Tricks for July

by Aug 10, 2019

The July edition of DBArtisan tips and techniques covered three tips for using DBArtisan.

  • Datasource Navigator
  • SQL Editor
  • Migrating Schema and Data

The Datasource Navigator provides a hierarchy that descends from the datasource level to the level of individual database objects. It provides a visual method for navigating or drilling down through a datasource. From the Navigator, you can connect to and disconnect, from datasources as well as browse, filter, and initiate other actions against objects in all supported datasources on your network.

DBArtisan incorporates a powerful SQL scripting environment, the SQL Editor. The SQL Editor lets you write, debug, test and deploy solid SQL code for your database applications. You can open multiple SQL windows. 

Code is analyzed as you add content to an ISQL editor session and offers the following automated features:

  • Syntax Checking: Automatically flag syntactical errors in your scripts.
  • Semantic Validation: Detect object name references to objects not present in the datasource index.
  • Code Complete: Insert or replace object names, selected from suggestion lists, as you edit a script.
  • Hyperlink Object Actions: Invoke common object operations such as Open and Extract, as well as object type-specific operations, from object names referenced in a script.
  • Paste SQL Syntax: Paste syntax for SQL statements, system functions calls, and other commonly used elements into an SQL Editor.
  • Paste SQL Statements: Generate and paste complete SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or EXEC statements or function call syntax into an SQL Editor.
  • Using Auto Replace Expressions: Create short text representations of larger text strings that can be used to quickly add the larger string to a script.
  • Toggling Display of the Error Pane: View details on errors.
  • ISQL Performance: Provides information and statistics about SQL statements and tables in the SQL editor. ISQL Performance provides recommendations to improve the performance of the system.

DBArtisan lets you migrate schema and table data between databases on the same or different servers. Similarly, you can build and store a schema extraction script. Both features employ a wizard that walks you through the process and make use of similar options.  http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/DBArtisan/170/en/Using_the_Schema_Extraction_Wizard 

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