disable trace

by Nov 10, 2014

I installed SQL DM on a new workstation recently, and it looks like this inadvertently started another set of trace on the SQL Servers we are monitoring.

SELECT * FROM sys.traces
F:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server…Loglog_4534.trc –> default trace
F:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server…LogSQL-dm7ActivityMonitor_128.trc –> the SQL DM trace
F:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server..LogMyPCActivityMonitor_12.trc –> SQLDM trace from new workstation

I have uninstalled SQL DM from the new workstation yet the trace is still running on the SQL Servers, is there a “switch” within the DM console where i can disable the tracing. Or would I have to log on to each and every SQL Server to disable tracing individually?
Please advice.

thank you