displaying results in grid immediately instead of when all rows are fetched

by Nov 4, 2013


Is there a way to have the results of the query displayed immediately as they are available?

Say I have a table FOO that has 100 000 rows. In the version I’m currently evaluating (12) when I run a simple query “select * from FOO” the app first fetches all rows to memory and only then starts displaying the results in the grid. I’m used to a mode where the rows are retrieved and displayed in batches, that’s the way sql developer and toad run by default I believe. When I scroll down in the results pane the other apps retrieve more rows to show (next batch).

I know there’s the “max results” setting but this simply won’t show more than a given numer of rows and still they all have to be fetched first before displaying any of them. There’s also the “fetch size” in the servers advanced config but this seems to control how many rows the driver retrieves from the database and doesn’t seem to have any impact on the result grid.

I have the text result pane switched off, in fact I’m only using grid results pane.