DM 10.1 cannot connect to sql server 2016

by Oct 27, 2017

Cannot create connection DM 10.1 and sql server 2016- getting error from DM Manager server during test connection phase: "A connection was successfully established with the server but then an error occurred ..". I tried connection from SQL Repository server via SSMS- same error- connection established but then … 

Not sure why is this? We actually disabled TLS 1.0 on sql server side, i.e. using TLS 1.1 and 1.2 only- can it be the reason for failure? What TLS  DM 10.1 uses per default?  How  to add TLS 1.2 to available TLS list on Idera site? We cannot completely disable TLS 1.0 as monitoring Sql servers with versions from 2005 (that uses TLS 1.0 if I am correct). Pls advise

Thanks, Yuri