Do not see what I expect using get-childitem

by Nov 25, 2014

Hi All,  New to PowerShell and still learning BIG TIME!  [:D]

Playing with Get-PSDrive… I do set-location hklm:  browse to the registry key – HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftOLE – and then do a get-childitem … my question is this:
When I do get-childitem I see all of the "folders" under the above KEY but not the "local" entries that are directly in that key.  I was researching an error I am seeing  (RPC Server unavailable) and it asks  that we modify – value: EnableDCOM
If I open REGEDIT I see that value, but thought I would use PowerShell to do this work and find it strange that while I can see AppCompat, Eventlog, Extensions "Folders"…..  I do not see the value EndableDCOM.. Should I be using something other than get-childitem?