Elements Not Being Added To Service Group

by May 11, 2012


Total uptime newbie here, hopefully the terminology I use will be understandable to all, and I am not asking stupid questions.

When I set the parent group of a 'discovered' server, I expected it would inherit all the settings, etc. of that group.

For instance – I changed a discovered server (as302) to the correct parent group RHEL5.X VM, which is a selected element group within the REDHAT-BASIC-VM service group. So, I would assume that because of that relationship, as302 would automatically become a selected element within the REDHAT-BASIC-VM service group. That does not appear to be the case – I have to edit the REDHAT-BASIC-VM service group, select RHEL5.X VM under the Available Elements tab, and select as302 and click the Add button to have it become a selected element under the REDHAT-BASIC-VM service group.

What is the point of having element groups specified in the service group, if you have to manually add each element anyway?