Embrace the Future of Data Architecture: Make the Switch to ER/Studio

by Mar 11, 2015

Sometimes you need to face the inevitable: the tool selected years ago is not the one you need for the future. Have you been struggling with complicated modeling tasks or outdated tools? Are your data models getting too big to handle? We’ve heard from a lot of customers recently who have been frustrated with their old data modeling tools, for multiple reasons such as:ER-WHITEPAPER-BANNER-Top-10-Reasons-I-switched-159x228
  • Lack of functionality
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of a future roadmap
Embarcadero is committed to enabling our users to adapt to new technology platforms and challenges, as well as delivering enhanced capabilities to collaborate with other stakeholders. Within the past year, we have introduced 64-bit support to improve performance with very large models, added native capabilities to reverse engineer big data platforms including Hadoop Hive and MongoDB, and expanded our Enterprise suite to include metadata and glossary storage with business stakeholder engagement.
We also realize that making the move from one tool to another can be daunting, but it’s actually easier than you might think. To help our new customers with the transition from unsatisfactory tools to the award-winning ER/Studio offering, we have several resources to provide assistance and information:

Our focus for the ER/Studio portfolio is much deeper than supported technologies. To find out more about the future of data architecture, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about ER/Studio.