Enhanced "graphing" Page For Network Node Devices

by Dec 11, 2011


I have switches and routers that I monitor with uptime (nodes)… one thing that I think would be really nice is to have a comparable 'graphing' page for these types of devices – just like with full SNMP or agent based devices / elements.

Not sure how this would be done, but I know that for my switches and routers (HP ProCurve and Cisco ASA's), I have service monitors for CPU usage, memory used / free mem, fan status, interface status (for selected interfaces), etc. Pretty much all of the same food groups that the standard graphing screen displays. I use a combination of items off the grid for this, as well as some SNMP monitors and the like.

I am considering using Cacti or MRTG for this in the short term, but having it all in uptime would be really great…

Thanks for the consideration!