Enhanced Log File Monitor Plugin

by Dec 5, 2014



we are evaluating the use of the ‘Enhanced Log File Monitor’. We use rollingFileAppenders for logging with log4j. In our test we scan our logfiles for the word ‘exception’. 2 issues came out of our tests:


1.when a file rolls from foo.log to foo.log.1, this .1 file is new for the enhanced log file monitor and therefore scanned from the top. This results in the fact that the monitor will report the find of the word ‘exception’ for the second time, as this text was already scanned when it was in the .log file.


2.example: a file foo.log with 200 text lines is scanned. When this file reaches its max file size, it is rolled over to foo.log.1. The new empty foo.log file is then populated with new logging data. If this data exceeds 200 lines before a new scan by the Enhanced Log File Monitor, only the lines >200 are scanned, leaving lines 1 – 200 unscanned.


Is there a solution/workaround for these 2 issues?