Ensure Database Health

by Apr 30, 2020

Keep multiple database platforms running with a single tool.

Organizations react to rapidly changing demands because of the escalating crisis while requiring their staff to work at home. This situation creates heavy traffic and epic workloads, and thus strain on IT systems including databases. Also, this situation attracts widespread and relentless attacks on IT systems.

All of this creates challenging situations for database administrators. They need to manage substantial performance workloads on strained systems, prevent system overload and downtime, prevent security breaches, and work at home. Also, database administrators often need to manage multiple database platforms. Unfortunately, there is no time to learn and configure various tools to service multiple database platforms. 

Let IDERA help you with a tool that provides a single graphical user interface to manage performance and access permissions for multiple database platforms. Also, this tool is suitable for remote management at home (for example, it is straightforward to install and configure, it has convenient licensing for home use, and it easily exports and imports its configuration). 

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