ER Modeler – Vertica -column comments

by Nov 4, 2017

Hi Team,

I am doing POC Aqua Data Studio -ER Modeling in Vertica Database. While i was designing ,i have noticed that i will not able to provide comments for columns which is available for other DBs. This might be due to Vertica column comment restriction.

But columns comments are required as part of Data modeling , so that it can be serve as a data dictionary while saving diagram.

Is there any chance to provide this option for Vertica and while generating the scripts, skip the comments ?

Please advise how i can achieve this.

note: I have work around option- have the target db as hive or other columnar db and convert it, but i dont want to do it].


Sachin Prakash over 5 years ago

I’ve logged the below issue to investigate adding column comments in Vertica ER Modeler but not having these column comments be scripted due to Vertica’s column comment restriction. We’ll look at it next week and will provide you a further update:

Sachin Prakash over 5 years ago

We’ve added the ability to add column comments in Vertica ER Modeler. These column comments will not be scripted. You may download the below patch and try this out:

Patch :
Update Instructions :