ER/Studio Technical Training Sessions by e-Modelers

by Jul 28, 2016

Are you looking for a deep-dive multi-day online training session for ER/Studio? IDERA is committed to helping our customers make the best use of the ER/Studio products that you have purchased. We cooperate with training partners to ensure you can obtain education on using the tools, but we understand that it may not be feasible for you to travel or to bring someone on-site to your location. 

Our training partner, e-Modelers, is now offering online training for ER/Studio Data Architect and Business Architect. These multi-day sessions will be open to the public so that multiple companies may choose to attend, thereby making the participant cost more reasonable, and they will be hosted online, so that no travel is required.

There are two sessions coming up that you can register for. Learn more about these technical classes:

Data Architect: August 29–September 2, 11am-3pm Pacific Time | Get Brochure >>

Business Architect: September 12-13, 11am-3pm Pacific Time | Get Brochure >>

Contact Becky Baird at or call (925) 736-3400 for more information and to register.