ERD – Auto-correct for relationships?

by Nov 4, 2011

Hi folks,

Just started using Aqua Data Studio v10 this week. Created an ER Diagram for an existing schema. It, of course, plotted all the entities in alphabetical order which created an entangled mess of relationships all over the screen. My question: Is there an auto-correct feature which can be harnessed so that if I move an entity (table) from one area of the diagram to another that will make my relationship a nice straight line? Or, at the very least, a button that can be clicked to do the same? One of my relationships actually forms a figure 8 here!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Niels Gron over 11 years ago
When you generate an ER Diagram from an existing database, the Entities will use a simple layout and just line them up. You can then use the Sheet->Layout to get a desired auto-layout of the Entities. You can them move and customize the positions of the Entities.

You can then click on any specific point within a relationship and move the relationship positions around. You can multi-select two Entities with relationships and move them to have the auto-layout of the relationship take effect.

What you can’t do is to make the relationship a straight line which is neither completely horizontal or completely vertical.


Paul Ryan over 11 years ago
Thanks NielsGron,

That helped tremendously!