ERROR – A REST API exception was returned

by Jul 7, 2016

I am having some difficulty in setting up the SQLdm Web Dashboard application. Every thing seemed to install correctly however when I navigate to the webpage all of the widgets are almost totally blank they contain a message to check the logs for more info. When I check the logs I see that there is the beginning error is

"2016-07-06 10:31:25,703 ERROR  – A REST API exception was returned:
The stored procedure 'p_GetProductStatus' doesn't exist"

Seeing that I jumped into SSMS and looked for the missing SP and found that it is in fact not missing because there are several of these errors I check for a few more of the reported missing SPs and found that they where all right where they should be. Has any one else run into this issue with SQLdm and the web dashboard? if so how did you go about fixing it.