Error Getting Solaris Zone Workload Plug-in Functioning

by May 4, 2013


I installed the Solaris Zone Workload plug-in on our uptime server. On a target solaris server (gc4) I added the script to the /opt/uptime-agent/scripts/ directory and added the text string “TEST /opt/uptime-agent/scripts/” to the already existing /opt/uptime-agent/bin/.uptmpasswd file.

I created a service monitor for the gc4 server, inputting “TEST” as the password. When I test the service monitor I see :

2013-05-03 15:05:37,335 WARN [Running instance ID 25030 since Fri May 03 15:05:36 ADT 2013] (ErdcRunResultHandler:43) – service gc4 zone check (25030) on host (22) has CRIT status (Process returned with critical status – Error: Output received: 'ERR'. The agent may not be configured correctly. Check the password?)

I can run the /opt/uptime-agent/scripts/ script from the gc4 command line and get the info on the system without error. I have tried a few different passwords, but still get the error. Any thoughts on what I should try next?