Error upgrading SQLdm Dashboard

by Feb 19, 2020

I am trying to upgrade the Idera Dashboard from version to but, when I run the installer it tells me the installation was unsuccessful, with no hint as to what to do about it.

Looking in C:Program FilesIderaDashboardWebApplicationlog, there are three log files updated during the attempted installation. The first contains just three info messages, The second contains a number of error messages along the lines of:

2020-02-19 16:09:10 [http-bio-9291-exec-1] ERROR [AccessControlFilter] – Unable to get user information from Security Context. WebURL=login

It also contains a number of warning messages, such as:

2020-02-19 16:07:53 [main] WARN  [Log4jLogMsg] – {Messages.language-files-path-not-found}Language files path not found

2020-02-19 16:09:05 [http-bio-9291-exec-5] WARN  [ProductInstanceFilter] – Unable to figure out current product from the URL. Path=/login

2020-02-19 16:09:16 [http-bio-9291-exec-1] WARN  [CommonUtil] – Skipping truncation: Either src or pathToTruncate is empty / null Or length of SRC is less than pathTotruncate.

The third file contains another warning like the "Language files path not found" above, plus more information messages.

How do I resolve this?