ER/Studio 17.0.2 is available

by Feb 12, 2018

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of IDERA ER/Studio 17.0.2
ER/Studio 17.0.2 contains improvements and enhancements in a number of areas within the product suite:
Business Architect:
  • Corrected intermittent issues with "save as" operation for workspaces
  • Corrected minor errors in editing of "User" task type
Data Architect:
  • Several usability improvements when working with Business Data Objects
  • Corrected restriction of visibility of models for users defined with "No Access" to specific projects.
  • Resolved intermittent conflicts on repository check-in for DB2 tablespaces
  • Corrected intermittent errors when performing "Get Latest" from the repository for diagrams containing relationships with inherited color defaults.
  • Corrected an issue that emerged in the 17.0 release that restricted branch & merge capability
  • MetaWizard improvements and enhancements.
Team Server:
  • Improved interactive model viewer user experience utilizing all available screen space.
  • Improved publishing of data model diagrams containing a large number of attachments.
  • Corrected an issue in Oracle hosted environments when checking in diagrams with very large attachments.
  • Numerous usability improvements to the Repository & Team Server configurator
  • Corrected installation issues for some DB2 hosted environments
Detailed release notes can be found in our product documentation pages:
Through ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition, we provide a comprehensive, collaborative platform that encompasses Data Modeling, Business Process Modeling, and Enterprise Architecture to  establish a foundation for governance initiatives. This builds on our strong history in which we have provided integrated data and process modeling within the ER/Studio suite. Other solutions in the marketplace claim to do the same, but are comprised of separate, non-integrated products which are a barrier to collaboration rather than an enabling teamwork.  
ER/Studio is sold in multiple editions:
  • Standalone products
    • ER/Studio Data Architect –  for standalone data modeling.
    • ER/Studio Business Architect – for standalone business process and conceptual modeling.
  • ER/Studio Professional Professional Edition
    • Combines ER/Studio Data Architect modeling tool with the repository to enable model sharing and facilitates updates to the models by multiple modelers, utilizing model check-out and check-in capabilities.
  • ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition
    • In addition to the capabilities offered in the professional edition, Enterprise Team edition that provides additional model and metadata sharing, business process modeling, UML modeling, cross-organizational collaboration, and an enterprise glossary. It includes Data Architect, Business Architect, Software Architect, MetaWizard, Repository & Team Server.
More information can be found on the ER/Studio Product pages: