Evaluating product and several counters missing

by Dec 11, 2014

Hello, I downloaded and started evaluating this product yesterday. All of the servers that I am monitoring are virtualized and I have them set up in Diagnostic manager with their Virtualization Host Server. I can see all of the counters on the default dashboard except:

1. Cache: Cache Hit Ratios vertical sliders (they are both constantly at zero)
2. Network: response time vertical slider zero
3. Sessions: Client Computers vertical slider (assuming that this counter means Active spids) zero
a. Sessions Tab: Details shows nothing
4. Disk: The two left charts are always empty (per Read, Per Write AND Reads Writes) shows a yellow triangle in the upper right of the area that says “No Valid Disk Selection Was Available”

Additionally, tabs at the top are incomplete. Resources Tab: Several of the areas like Memory, Disk, File Activity just show “Loading…”, but never load.