Excel – Detail description of error messages

by Nov 4, 2016

>[Error] Script lines: 1-2 ————————–
Data conversion error converting ; SQL statement:
select zip.*
from [us_postal_codes].[cust] cus left join us_postal_codes.[US Postal Codes-Counties] zip on cus.zip = zip.[Postal Code] [22018-176] 

I just happen to know what is causing this error, But where can I find a error message list with the details describing the error number in more detail

when querying a excel wor?



Niels Gron over 6 years ago
Can you clarify your scenario with screenshots and also your question?

Billy Rowe over 6 years ago
Ok, I’m sorry, Let me state it this way, For the error possible error messages that can happen when using ADS to query Microsoft excel worksheets, Is a there a link to a list of the possible errors with there text?

Like this list, just an example, when querying a sql server database:https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc645603(v=sql.105).aspx

Niels Gron over 6 years ago
We do not have a published list of error message. Most of the error messages are very descriptive. It is the data conversion errors that are less descriptive. We’ll look into making them more descriptive.