Explain Plan Export

by Nov 4, 2014

Does anyone know of a way to export the contents of the Explain Plan sheet/tab? I suppose I could share my query and let others recreate the explain plan on their instance of ADS, but I thought a spreadsheet might be a better ice breaker.




Hey Tariq thanks and apologies. The explain plan i’m trying to export is for Oracle 11g. Attached is an example screenshot of what i’d like to export.



Tariq Rahiman over 9 years ago

Can you let us know the Database version you are using, so that we can provide more details on the Explain Plan ? What the Explain Plan displays varies depending on the database and vendor.

We support Visual Explain Plan for few vendors. You can find more information here: http://www.aquaclusters.com/app/home/project/public/aquadatastudio/wikibook/Documentation13/page/125/Visual-Explain-Plan

Tariq Rahiman over 9 years ago
With the current build of Aqua Data Studio, you cannot save the plan as a Spreadsheet. However, you can use the Explain Diagram feature, that allows to save the plan as an image (PNG or JPEG) or print a hard-copy of the explain plan. To launch the Explain Diagram, in the Execution Plan tab, right click on a cell and select Explain Diagram. See attached screenshots.

I have logged a feature enhancement to export the plan as spreadsheet for a future version. You can track the progress here: https://www.aquaclusters.com/app/home/project/public/aquadatastudio/issue/9568


Curtis Williams over 9 years ago
Thanks Tariq, I had been using the Plan Image in lieu of the spreadsheet like view. Thanks for responding and I apologize for not posting this in a feature request forum.