Export table name and attributes

by Nov 2, 2019

I have interesting migration issue where should help a lot if ADS could do:

1) export selected tables name do separate xls files, named by table name (example: persons.xls)

2) every file’s first row contains atribut name + datatype + nullable + PK/FK (example: name[VARCHAR2(20) NOT NULL]; surname[VARCHAR2(20) NOT NULL]; personId[NUMBER(10,0) NOT NULL PK])…

Has ADS some export like this?


Thomas Conrad over 3 years ago

There are a couple options that Aqua Data Studio has to export data and ddl.

1) Schema Script Generator will generate the ddl and insert statements for the data. You can read about that here

2) Data Export Tool will generate xlsx data, csv data or insert statements. You can read about it here

3) Database Schema and Data Exporter project. This tool generates an aquascript template that can be executed to extract both ddl and csv or xlxs data. You can read about it here.

You are probably looking for something like #3

Attached are some screenshots… Let me know if you have more questions.

Hope that helps,