Extension Manager Problem

by Oct 15, 2014

We have just migrated and updated the uptime monitoring station to v7.3.1 and have came across a problem with the extension manager.  When searching for an extension, we just get the following error.


Alert: Error Found: Could not load the extensions list from http://the-grid.uptimesoftware.com/extension.json. Please ensure your Monitoring Station has access to the Internet


Entering the url into a browser on the monitoring station server works ok.  We have httpProxyHost and httpProxyPort set in the up.time configuration page.


Our network team have had a look and informed me that although the rssfeed url is going through the proxy server, the attempts to search the extension list are going directly to our corporate firewall and not through the proxy server.


Is there something else that needs to be configured for the extension manager to use the proxy settings?