Failed To Create Raw Socket

by Nov 30, 2012

I keep getting the following error when the ping check takes place:

Output: Error while pinging: Failed to create raw socket

I verified on the server logged into the uptime user the same issue:

uptime@hostname: ~/bin
$ ./icmp.exe ping hostname
Failed to create raw socket
Failed to create raw socketERROR: Failed to create raw socket

I've looked on the support site and through this forum, but I haven't found anything to fix the issue. There was an article talking about permissions on icmp.exe and they look to be correct:

uptime@hostname: ~/bin
$ pwd

uptime@hostname: ~/bin
$ ls -l
total 2696
-rws–x–x 1 root root 8104 Oct 15 09:47 icmp.exe

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!