False Alerts

by Dec 20, 2016

We have seen some times that some of the alerts we recieve are false.

Here is one that happened this morning. We have two services setup to monitor the event logs on servers for event ID 20 and another one to monitor for event id 15. These are to see if the drive goes away or fails. This morning uptime reported an error with those two services on two different servers on two different parts of the nextwork, 10.49.10.x and 10.10.20.x. One error set was at 4:45am and the other was at 7:23am. During this time the servers were not down, they were reachable by ping, and no event logs were created on them that would match the requirments. These services monoitor about 50 different servers. Any help would be greatful. Below are screenshots of the Service setups.